E&A's Frete, a complete suite web based logistics solutions, helps companies to define business in a manner that mirror's real life scenarios - on a single platform. Frete also ensures that ease of operational management does not come at the cost of lack of controls. Thus extensive approval, monitoring and alerts mechanisms are built into Frete to ensure that operations run smoothly, efficiently and effectively.

Frete's unique honeycomb architecture - is built on the framework of standard industry practices of job management, and documentation workflow. Yet it can be tailored easily to meet organizational business reporting and operations management needs user experience requirements and compliances standards.

Frete provides extensive reporting and dashboard systems, organized by user profile - thus provides 'actionable information' - to all users across all levels in the organization.

A strong financial module as the backbone of the solution ensures that fiscal controls can be ensured at all levels - right from planning to invoice.

It's a comprehensive solution covers all areas related to Freight Management

  • Sales - Planning, Quote management, Activity tracking, Sales calendar
  • Customer Service - Booking, Work order management, Oversees agent management, Invoicing, Profitability tracking
  • Documentation - B/L, Manifest, CAN, DO
  • Electronic Data Interfaces - INTTRA, Customs, CFS
  • Accounting - Income, Expense, Asset, Liability, Analysis and Reporting

Business Value

  • Realtime MIS reports to management
  • Boost productivity through automation
  • Streamline operations
  • Reduce human errors

Frete brochure

Freight forwarding is challenging industry in today’s times of export import boost. Efficient operations and extensive reporting are unique features of Frete, which could be added advantage in this competitive environment.

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