Inventoras- Accurate Inventory on moving equipment

Inventoras is E&A's comprehensive central web based solution that addresses all the requirements of inventory management. It focuses on improving efficiencies at operations level which includes inventory and purchase processes. This follows Sales management and Sales Planning.


  • Web based System with extensive user management
  • Multi location inventory snapshot
  • Complete Inventory Control
  • Management of multiple stores under single geographical location


  • Material Request - Perform automatic checks for capacity, Authorizations, Inventory min-Max reporting
  • Goods Issue - Partial and full issue record, Inventory visibility on all equipment
  • Equipment Inventory - Capacity planning, Equipment maintenance schedule
  • Receipts - Rejection and short receipts handling, Automatic inventory updation
  • Purchase Order - Total cost and pricing approvals, Vendor Management, Control on last purchase
  • Indenting - Replenishments, Approvals for indenting, Urgent requirement handling

Business Value

  • Define and manage various locations and equipments
  • Accurate inventory snap shot at all times
  • Enhanced control over inventory through system of alerts for minimum/maximum inventory levels
  • Accurate consumption details of all inventory and equipment where consumed
  • Damage reports and cost of repairs
  • Complete history of all components - including cost of procurement, usage, ageing etc. Integrated billing and payments with the financial system

RFID Solution Brochure

RFID may eventually replace the ubiquitous bar code in the future and become the main technology in logistics and supply chain management field. RFID not only integrates with any ERP available but also ensures that the returns are justified.

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