SmartTime - E&A's biometrics based attendance management solution - is designed to address attendance related challenges effectively and efficiently. SmartTime allows managers to have complete, real time insights attendance trends. Attendance management is a pre-requisite in any organization. 'Doing it correctly' holds the key to the ability of any organization to manage their work force in a manner aligned to business goals. Attendance management systems today need to be intelligent enough to not just track absenteeism, but also provide trends in attendance, absenteeism, time spent at work, late reporting to work, early leaving etc. - so as to help decision making process. E&A's SmartTime with integrated biometric data capture systems is built on the principal of providing 'actionable information' to managers. Thus, SmartTime not only allows accurate recording of attendance time logs, but also uses this data to provide various views of employee presence / absence. E&A's flexible framework methodology also enables SmartTime to easily integrate with standard HRMS systems currently used by organizations across the world.


  • Access Control & Security - Restrict Access, Track Movement in Controlled Zones, Monitor presence on off days
  • 1 Click Visibility - View key parameters under single dashboard
  • Web Based System - Use the system from any locaton in the world
  • Automated Alerts - Be informed at all times about critical parameters
  • Reports and Dashboard - View locationwise trends, Obtain realtime Status
  • Shift Management - Plan and assign Shifts, Display shifts to employees
  • Integration with third party System


  • Dashboard - Displays graphical overview and statistics of all parameters. View SBUwise, divisionwise and locationwise statistics
  • Data Entry - Records unpaid leaves, Exceptions, Leave applications, Shifts, Shift patterns, Shift rosters and Condone master
  • Reports - Provides specific reports on attendance, Absence, Early exit, Late entry, Muster, On leave, Overtime, Shift roster details, Single swipe and Weekly off
  • Visitor Entry - Records entry and exit of contract workers and visitors

Business Value

  • Enable full control over working hours
  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Eliminate 'time thefts' and 'buddy punching' practices
  • Improve organizational efficiency and productivity
  • Eliminate multilayer supervision